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Colorful Yunnan Tour, thanks to the families who struggled in Boliante
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感谢奋斗在武汉博联特一线的同事们, 公司出资组织了 全司 彩云之南 活动,以表对奋斗在 博联特的 同事 和家人们 的鼓励与感谢 On the occasion of the new year, in order to thank the colleagues who are struggling in the front line of Wuhan Boliante, the company has organized a company -wide tour of Caiyunnan to show the encouragement and cooperation to the colleagues and family who struggle in Boliante . Thanks .
   2 8 日晚,由 武汉博联特科技全体员工 及家属组成的 彩云之南 旅行团,在 总经理鲍禹南和副总经理邓洲的 亲自带队下抵达 云南丽江。 On the evening of December 28 , the Caiyunzhinan tour group composed of all employees and family members of Wuhan Boliante Technology arrived in Lijiang , Yunnan, led by General Manager Bao Yunan and Deputy General Manager Deng Zhou . 丽江清晨 ,空气中透着 冬天的凛冽,一辆旅游大巴载着满车的欢声笑语从丽江向那充满诗情画意的泸沽湖行去。 The next morning , in the early morning of Lijiang in December , the air was full of winter magpies, and a tourist bus was carrying the car full of laughter and laughter from Lijiang to the poetic and picturesque Lugu Lake. The long-awaited corporate tour has finally begun.

At this time, the colleagues sitting in the car had bright smiles on their faces, and their mood was extremely relaxed and happy. Everyone takes off the overalls and puts on comfortable sportswear, which is more youthful. 6 小时 程变得不那么疲乏。 Along the way, everyone was eating snacks, chatting, listening to music, and playing games, making this 6- hour drive less tired. At this time, our big family is more happy and feels that everyone is so kind and cute.

环山 高原山区的 景致也 逐渐 显现出来。 As we traveled all the way around the mountains , the scenery of the plateau and mountains gradually became apparent. “大漠孤烟直,长河落日圆”的北国 ;也不是 “ 春水碧于天,画船听雨眠”的 江南 It is not the northern country of "solitary smoke in the desert, the sun setting over the long river" ; nor is it the Jiangnan area of "the spring water is bright in the sky, and the boat listens to the rain"   “晚来天欲雪,能饮一杯无? 的雪山环绕,壮丽的景色在盘山公路下尽收眼底,但博联特家人们的心是暖的,所以即使是凛冽 冬日也是充满着温馨。 Here, it is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, "I want to snow in the evening, can I drink a cup ? " The magnificent scenery can be seen under the Panshan Highway, but the hearts of the family members are warm, so even in the winter Cozy.


The picture shows the whole view of Lugu Lake


The picture shows the people of Bolian family taking a group photo in front of Lugu Lake

  我们便乘船游览 这女儿国的绝美景色 ,这一带峰峦耸秀,碧水如镜,青山浮水,倒影翩翩,两岸景色犹如百里锦绣,在悠悠 泸沽湖,家人们 享受着团队之旅的惬意时光。 After arriving at Lugu Lake, we took a boat tour to see the beautiful scenery of this daughter country . This area has soaring peaks and peaks, blue water like mirrors, green mountains floating in water, and beautiful reflections. The scenery on both sides of the river is like a splendid scenery . Pleasant time for a team trip.
   31 日清晨,博联特家人们离开泸沽湖,驱车来到了我们更加神往已久的景点 ----- 玉龙雪山。 In the early morning of December 31 , the family members of Bolian left Lugu Lake and drove to our long-awaited scenic spot, Yulong Snow Mountain. 13 个尖锥形的顶峰直插蓝天之上。 In the early morning, the sun was shining, and the 13 peaks of the Yulong Snow Mountain were directly inserted into the blue sky. 3000 多米的地方乘大索道上山。 We first have to take a big ropeway uphill at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. Looking down all the way, the cedar cedars standing up at our feet looked up at us, and the vast clouds and mists in the abyss rushed towards us; looking further away, the mountains and mountains opened their arms and welcomed us enthusiastically— —Being in this situation, there is a lot of "tengyun driving the fog".


The picture shows the members of Boliante family taking a group photo on the top of the snow mountain



The picture shows the happy group photo of the family members in front of the snow mountain





In front of the majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, looking around, white clouds and glaciers are at their feet, and the clear blue sky and the radiant sun seem to be closer. Such a beautiful scenery makes the Bolianites feel the tenacity and perseverance in their hearts. I believe that as long as the family members of Boliante can be so persistent and tenacious, one day, Boliante will reach a higher peak! !!


1 ,此次博联特彩云之南旅程 完美结束 On January 1st , the trip to the south of Bolian Special Color Cloud was completed successfully . ,大家 欢声笑语,谈论着此次旅途的所见所闻,其乐融融,同时也深深感受到公司的无限关怀,为如此庞大的旅游团队提供了绝佳的旅游机会,众人纷纷表示,定将以更加饱满的精神投入到工作中,争取最优异的成绩来回报公司! The members of the Bolian family returned to Kunming , the spring city by car . Everyone laughed and talked about what they saw and heard during the trip. Travel opportunities, everyone said that they will be devoted to work with fuller spirit, and strive for the best results in return to the company!



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