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Application of laser soldering technology in FPC soft board of mobile phone camera
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FPC soft board, English is Flexible Printed Circuit Board, we generally call soft board or flexible circuit board, flexible printed circuit board, etc. It is a highly reliable, highly flexible printed circuit board made of flexible copper-clad board (FCCL).


  Nowadays, smart phones are becoming thinner and thinner, and mobile phone camera modules are getting smaller and smaller. How to process and handle such micro-components has become an important link that hinders development. 激光加工 技术是微精密加工领域的重要工具,加工精度高,可对各类型元件加工,特别是在摄像头领域中。 Laser processing technology is an important tool in the field of micro-precision processing, with high processing accuracy, and can process various types of components, especially in the field of camera.


FPC 软板的应用在我们生活是非常常见的,几乎涉及了我们所有的电子产品。 The actual application of FPC flexible boards is very common in our lives, involving almost all of our electronic products. It is the printed circuit board used in the camera, which is divided into three types: hard board, soft board, and soft-hard board .


It can be seen that the application range of flexible boards is wide, and the demand market is also large. FPC市场规模会达到300亿以上。 Statistics show that China's FPC market size will reach more than 30 billion. ,可折叠屏幕 等采用, FPC的需求只会有增无减。 With the development of miniaturized terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and wearables, and consumers' next innovations in product forms, such as the adoption of full-screen, flexible screens , and foldable screens , the demand for FPC will only increase. Less.


Limitations of FPC development

FPC软板过于轻薄无法承受较大的压力(易变形),耐温不高,且由于产品需求,FPC软板的连接PIN脚必须向着高密集化多股桥接,那么随之而来的产品加工难度随之产生。 ① Increased processing difficulty: The FPC soft board is too thin and thin to withstand large pressure (easy to deform), and the temperature resistance is not high. Because of the product requirements, the connecting PIN feet of the FPC soft board must be bridged towards high-density multi-strand, then The difficulty of product processing comes with it. In order to meet various requirements, the processing level of FPC must be upgraded. The laser soldering process provides a solid and reliable processing guarantee for the development of FPC;

FPC的厚度必须更加灵活,必须做到更薄,这对传统的加工方式是一种极大的考验,加工工艺升级势在必行。 ② Thickness: The thickness of FPC must be more flexible, and it must be thinner. This is a great test for the traditional processing method, and it is imperative to upgrade the processing technology.

可以弯折是 FPC与生俱来的特性,未来的FPC耐折性必须更强,当然,这就需要有更好的加工方式和基材。 ③Bending resistance: FPC can be bent is an inherent characteristic of FPC. In the future, FPC must be more resistant to folding. Of course, this requires better processing methods and substrates.


FCP soft board welding process

FPC软板焊接工艺采用热压制程,两片FPC软板上均电镀有焊锡材料,经过两片材料的对组后,经由脉冲式热压头机构进行接触分段式加热制程。 The traditional FPC flexible board welding process uses a hot pressing process. The two FPC flexible boards are plated with solder material. After the two pieces of materials are aligned, the contact segment heating process is performed through a pulsed thermal head mechanism. With the continuous advancement of sustainable development and the increasing emphasis on environmental protection concepts, the implementation of lead-free soldering will definitely become the general trend. However, the introduction of lead-free soldering has also brought about soldering issues. The use of traditional hot-press soldering methods is prone to emerge. Defective soldering and solder overflow. 的局部加热方式可有效的改善这些问题, 激光锡焊 采用无接触焊锡方式,能够把热量聚焦到非常小的点并精确定位到指定部位进行焊锡。 Laser soldering 's local heating method can effectively improve these problems. Laser soldering uses a non-contact soldering method, which can focus the heat to a very small point and accurately position it to a specified location for soldering.


CCD同轴定位系统以及半导体激光器所构成; 通过多年焊接工艺摸索,自主开发的智能型软钎焊软件,支持导入多种格式文件。 The temperature feedback laser soldering system is composed of a multi-axis servo module, a real-time temperature feedback system, a CCD coaxial positioning system, and a semiconductor laser. Through years of welding process exploration, the independently developed intelligent soldering software supports importing multiple formats file. The original PID online temperature adjustment feedback system can effectively control constant temperature welding and ensure welding yield and precision. This product has a wide range of applications, can be applied to online production, and can also be processed independently.

拥有以下优势: 1.采用非接触式焊接,无机械应力损伤,热效应影响较小。 The laser soldering process has the following advantages: 1. Non-contact welding, no mechanical stress damage, and small thermal effects. 2. Multi-axis intelligent working platform (optional), can be used for various complex precision welding processes. 3. Coaxial CCD camera positioning and processing monitoring system, which can clearly display solder joints and correct alignment in time to ensure processing accuracy and automated production. 4. The original temperature feedback system can directly control the temperature of the solder joint, and can display the welding temperature curve in real time to ensure the welding yield. 5.Laser, CCD, temperature measurement, four-point coaxial indicator light, perfectly solve the problem of multiple optical paths overlapping in the industry and avoid complex debugging. 6. With a guaranteed excellent rate of 99%, the minimum diameter of the welding spot is 0.2mm, and the welding time of a single welding spot is shorter. 7. The X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis are suitable for welding of more devices and have wider applications. 8. Desktop operation, easy to move. /马达、连接器、摄像头等等。 Temperature feedback laser soldering system is suitable for miniature speakers / motors, connectors, cameras, etc. Because it has the characteristics of real-time high-precision control of the temperature of the welding object, it is especially suitable for temperature-sensitive high-precision solder processing.

主要从事以半导体激光为核心的焊接、打标、固化等系列激光设备的研发、生产、销售,为广大客户提供丰富的激光非标产品及定制设备。 Wuhan Boliante is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of semiconductor laser-based welding, marking, curing and other series of laser equipment, providing customers with a wealth of non-standard laser products and customized equipment. (激光锡焊机):恒温激光锡焊机,激光球锡焊,激光回流焊,点锡焊接一体设备;激光自动化系列:网络滤波器自动化产线,TYPE-C自动化激光加工,光模块自动化激光焊接,智能穿戴激光自动化加工;BGA激光返修系统;激光塑料焊系列;激光熔接焊系列;激光分板系列;激光固屏系列;激光打标系列:光纤激光打标机,紫外激光打标机。 The company's main products are: laser soldering series (laser soldering machine): constant temperature laser soldering machine, laser ball soldering, laser reflow soldering, spot soldering integrated equipment; laser automation series: network filter automation production line, TYPE- C Automated Laser Processing, Automated Laser Welding of Optical Modules, Automated Processing of Smart Wearable Lasers; BGA Laser Rework System; Laser Plastic Welding Series; Laser Welding Series; Laser Panel Series; Laser Fixed Screen Series; Laser Marking Series: Fiber Laser Marking machine, UV laser marking machine. kchqi.com 咨询热线: 027-88188521 Company website: kchqi.com Consulting hotline: 027-88188521








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