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Newsletter interview with Wuhan Bolian in 2017
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武汉博联特科技于 2016年12月加入了讯石光通信网的大家庭, 并于 2017年1月接受了讯石光通信网的专访 In order to deeply implement the spirit of innovation, promote technology-driven to market-driven, and build a global R & D and innovation brand focused on accumulating its own, Wuhan Bolink Technology joined the family of Xunshiguang Communication Network in December 2016, and in 2017 In January, he accepted an exclusive interview with Xunshi Optical Communication Network . During the interview, Ling Ke, head of Xunhua Central District, met with our general manager Bao Yunan and deputy general manager Deng Zhou, and the two sides had a deep dialogue on the application of laser technology in the optical communication industry.


The picture shows the in-depth exchange between the team and the head of Wuhan Boliante Technology

武汉博联特科技总经理鲍禹南及副总经理邓洲接待了讯石团队,向他们介绍了博联特的现有情况 On January 6, 2017, Bao Yunan, the general manager of Wuhan Bolion Technology, and Deng Zhou, the deputy general manager, received the Xunshi team and introduced them to the current situation of Bolion .

恒温 激光锡焊 设备, 填补国内空白 Mr. Bao introduced that Bolite's constant temperature laser soldering equipment fills the gap in China . 是华为, 光迅等光通讯行业客户及以 苹果 fitbit为代表的3C领域客户的优质合作伙伴。 Broadlink is also a high-quality partner for customers in the optical communications industry , such as Huawei, Guangxun, and 3C customers represented by Apple and Fitbit. 锡焊替代传统的热压、烙铁等加工方式, 大大的提高 精密光电子器件的加工 效率 及良率,轻易实现不同类型产品通用化加工 并为自动化柔性加工带来可能。 Laser soldering replaces traditional processing methods such as hot pressing and soldering iron, greatly improving the processing efficiency and yield of precision optoelectronic devices , easily realizing universal processing of different types of products , and bringing possibilities for automated flexible processing. 激光锡焊 是最好的解决方法。 The thermal and electrostatic sensitive characteristics of optical communication products, as well as the development of integrated miniaturization, traditional welding methods have been difficult to meet the processing requirements. Laser soldering is the best solution. 会给光模块,光器件带来大的产品价格 产品质量 的突破。 Laser processing technology will bring big breakthroughs in product prices and product quality to optical modules and optical devices .

Among them, the two sides mainly discussed the following points:

请简要介绍下公司当前的生产经营情况,以及我们博联特目前主要专注的市场领域? 1. Please briefly introduce the company's current production and operation situation, as well as the market areas that we currently focus on?

武汉博联特以精密激光加工设备及其集成自动化应用为主要经营方向,是一家拥有完全知识产权的国家高新技术企业 Powerlink : Wuhan Powerlink takes precision laser processing equipment and its integrated automation applications as its main business direction. It is a national high-tech enterprise with complete intellectual property rights . 激光锡焊 激光塑料焊接 激光胶 固化等系列设备的研发、生产、销售 为客户提供丰富的激光 精密加工设备 及定制 自动化系统 The company uses laser soldering , laser plastic welding , laser adhesive curing and other equipment to develop, produce, and sell a series of equipment to provide customers with rich laser precision processing equipment and customized automation systems . 广泛应用于: 3C电子组装、光通讯、微电声、太阳能、连接器等行业。 The company's products are widely used in: 3C electronic assembly, optical communications, micro-electro-acoustic, solar energy, connectors and other industries.

请简要介绍一下,博联特在激光方面所取得的发展成绩,以及在该行业的主要竞争优势? 2. Please briefly introduce the development achievements of Broadlink in laser and the main competitive advantages in the industry?

:博联特 前期 专注 消费 类电子领域 ,主要为苹果的代工厂,如 和硕、 富士康等企业提供激光焊接生产设备,手机摄像头、 手机 充电接口等重要部件所用的焊接设备就是博联特所提供 得到了苹果、fitbit等终端客户的认可。 Broadlink : Focuslink's previous focus on the consumer electronics field mainly provides laser welding production equipment for Apple's foundries such as Pegatron and Foxconn. The welding equipment used for important components such as mobile phone cameras and mobile phone charging interfaces is Broadlink Provided by the United States , has been recognized by Apple, fitbit and other end customers. 消费类电子生产厂家的合作当中,博联特不仅仅提供激光焊接设备,还积极参与到需求企业的产品设计,以及 受邀 充当合作厂商激光方面专家顾问,直接参与重大合作项目的谈判及解答环节。 In the cooperation with consumer electronics manufacturers, Bolion not only provides laser welding equipment, but also actively participates in product design of demanding companies, and is invited to act as a laser expert expert consultant of a cooperative manufacturer, directly participating in the negotiation of major cooperation projects and Answer link.

我们博联特的相关设备在提高光通信企业生产效率,以及品质保障方面,有哪些突出的表现? 3. What are the outstanding performances of our related equipment in improving the production efficiency and quality assurance of optical communication enterprises?

Broadlink: In terms of processing automation and flexible processing, Broadlink's laser soldering equipment is closely related to our optical communication industry, which can greatly improve optical communication, especially in active modules. Enterprise automation level. At the same time, in terms of precision machining, laser soldering can perform precise operations in a small space, which is not available in traditional processes. 为器件小型化、高密度连接提供了重要的保障。 The small heat-affected zone of the laser and the non-contact processing method provide important guarantees for device miniaturization and high-density connection.

Since 2014, Broadlink has focused on the demand for laser welding in the optical communications industry. He has deep technical experience and rich experience in precision machining, system integration and design. 一致性 方面 Boliante is the first company in China to do laser soldering special welding. It has obvious comparative advantages with traditional manual welding, especially in terms of "yield" consistency of welding products . At the same time, because it is fully automatic welding, its efficiency is also greatly improved, compared with the traditional welding method, the efficiency is increased by 5-6 times .

光迅等客户进行 深入的合作 At present, Broadlink has conducted in-depth cooperation with customers such as Huawei and Guangxun .

除了提供激光焊接设备方面,博联特还可以为光通信企业提供哪些方面的服务? 4. In addition to providing laser welding equipment, what other services can Broadlink provide for optical communications companies?

激光锡焊设备为光通讯产品的高密互联带来加工解决方法,激光加工工艺的导入也提高了产品设计的想象空间。 Broadlink: Laser soldering equipment brings processing solutions to the high-density interconnection of optical communication products. The introduction of laser processing technology has also improved the imagination of product design.

In addition to providing laser welding equipment, Broadlink can also provide a complete set of automation solutions. And according to the different products and the differences in the production workshop to design a personalized automated production process.

激光 为加工工具 集成 自动化生产流程 将大大提高企业的自动化水平, 在人工成本不断上升的情况下,可以使企业的生产效率以及良率大大提高,从而有效降低企业的生产成本,提高产品市场竞争力。 Intelligent manufacturing, "light" shines into the future, and the integrated and automated production process with laser as the processing tool will greatly improve the automation level of the enterprise. Under the situation of rising labor costs, the enterprise's production efficiency and yield can be greatly improved, thereby Effectively reduce the production cost of the enterprise and improve the competitiveness of the product market.

请简要阐述博联特对未来几年发展方向和目标? 5. Please elaborate on the development direction and goals of Bolion for the next few years? What kind of assistance is expected from Infostone?

:博联特一贯秉承“追求卓越,服务客户”的理念。 Boliante : Boliante has always adhered to the concept of "pursuing excellence and serving customers". Always adhere to the market-oriented, technological innovation as the driving force, serving customers as its purpose, conscientious, innovative and the pursuit of excellence in the enterprise spirit, combining foreign advanced product technology with domestic efficient production management, to provide domestic and foreign customers with a new Laser-like solutions help enterprises improve production efficiency and added value of products, realize product upgrades, and provide customers with comprehensive, one-stop equipment application solutions.


The picture shows an interview with the team of Xunshi in Wuhan Bolian. From right to left, Mr. Deng, Mr. Xunshi, Mr. Xingshi Lingke, Mr. Baolian, and Zeng Jialiang

希望在讯石平台上能结识更多的光通信企业朋友,与光通信的朋友一道提高产品在全球市场的竞争力。 Wuhan Bolink Technology sincerely hopes to meet more friends of optical communication companies on the Xunshi platform and work with friends of optical communication to improve the competitiveness of the products in the global market.



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